Law School Teaching Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Teaching Fellowship Program is designed to support outstanding and diverse students who are considering a possible career in law teaching.  Each year, the Teaching Fellowship Program will select several outstanding students as Fellows.  The Program will provide Fellows with a range of opportunities to explore legal academia and scholarship during their second and third years of law school including participation in the Teaching Law Discussion Series.

The Series will bring Fellows together with Washington University Law professors and alumni throughout the year to discuss a host of topics related to the teaching of law including paths to law teaching; fellowships and visiting assistant professorships; clinical and legal writing law teaching; the job market for law teachers; the job of a law professor (service, teaching, and scholarship); and the advantages and disadvantages of law teaching.

The Teaching Fellowship Program will continue to support Fellows after they graduate, if and when they decide to apply for a law teaching position.  A faculty advisor group will assist Alumni Fellows who are preparing to enter the law teaching market.  The advisors will be available to conduct mock job talks and interviews, provide feedback on research agendas, review application materials, and otherwise offer assistance with the hiring process.

An application is not required for the Law School Teaching Fellowship Program.  However, students interested in the Law Teaching Fellowship Program are strongly encouraged to apply for the Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship.  The Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship provides academic and generous financial support to outstanding and diverse students interested in careers as college or university professors including law professors. For more information, including an application form for the CGFP, click here. If the applicant is not selected as a CGFP Fellow but elects to matriculate at the law school, he or she will still receive some scholarship support from the law school.

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